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LatexKitty-3xL-Manifest-March-2013OMG long time has passed and many things happened. Many of you know that I “just” eight months ago became a first time mom to a little baby girl. She fills the house with happiness and joy, and is chasing us around our selves. So we keep ourselves quite busy. I am sorry, I am not up to posting actual pictures of the little one here, I hope you understand. But here is a picture of me being about eight month pregnant at our local fetish club “Manifest” in my latex pregnancy dress.

However, next to changing diapers and studying I have been busy working on my idea to a “Making Latex Clothing” book. Therefore some of your emails might have been drowning in my workload and I am sorry for that, but I hope you can forgive me. The idea to the book next to my blog is to give you a handy and up-dated guide to making your own latex clothes. It should not only show you how to make your own latex clothes, but also inspire you to new creations.

It is a quite demanding project as I want it to be perfect for you and your needs. At a later time I’ll give you the possibility to give me your input on what you would like to see or read in the book. I plan on keeping you updated on the progress of the book with photos, excerpts and posts.

Have a lovely and sunny day!

All the best, Kitty

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16 Responses to “ Making Latex Clothing Book Announcement ”

  1. CigRubber Says:

    Nice to see your happy face and on this new challenge.
    Be happy and enjoy your baby.
    All other ideas, plans must left aside, baby in onboard.

  2. Shanna Says:

    OMG Welcome back!

    First off, Congratulations on the new addition!
    Of course, can’t wait to see this book. Thanks for informing us. I’ve been looking all over for a latex making book, and that is how I stumbled on your site.
    Look forward to sharing thoughts and such on the book!

  3. marcia Says:

    hihi welcome back . hope you have set some new ideas in your book . cant wait till this book is out . hope there would be a section for making stockings .

  4. Alphax Says:

    Congratulations Latex Kitty!

  5. ectomorph Says:

    Great news – all of it! ^=^ Also, sign me up for a copy! In fact, I’d be happy to contribute if you decide to set up a Kickstarter fundraiser!

  6. Gabriela Says:

    Congratulations to celebrate the birth daughter 🙂
    we look forward to book.
    Greetings from Polish

  7. Valorie Frances Says:

    Hello, is great you have decided to do a project as big as writing a book and to have a subject as making latex clothing sounds wonderful. I have used your site to help me in my designs and under stand how to do it. I have made a few things and I am working on a new idea using silicone rubber bands to weave a dress out of them similar to the bracelets little girls make. I do have all of your web pages in PDF format and have printed a book of them that I use all the time when making latex clothing. If you would like to I could send them to you.


  8. Tony aka Wired. Says:

    Fantastic news 3XL and LatexKitty. Congratulations to you both on the birth of your new baby girl from all your friends at

  9. Philip K Says:

    Hi Kitty,

    Congratulations to you and R with the little baby girl. Just enjoy life with them, no hurries 🙂

    I will look forward to your book though. Hoping for a chapter on where to get the best gear, i.e. cutters, rollers and glue. Also all the metal stuff, e.g. belt buckles etc. etc.

    Best regards

  10. renameme Says:

    Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Nachwuchs, ich wünsche euch viel Spass mit der kleinen und vor allem die Gelassenheit, die man für Kinder unbedingt braucht.
    Für dein Projekt wünsche ich dir auch alles gute, es wäre toll, wenn ein Kapitel von der Herstellung von Strümpfen und Masken handeln würde.

    Viele liebe Grüße aus dem warmen Deutschland

  11. Likeloislaine Says:

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I am so happy for you!!!! Babies are amazing and so full of wonder and love. I have a son who is a toddler. I am also very excited to hear about your book endeavor!! I cannot wait to see the finished product. I am beyond words I am so happy for you!!! Much love and hugs and kisses. Cheers!

  12. terrellk Says:

    Congrats on everything, can wait for more on your book. your site has clear up so many questions ive had. Thank you!

  13. Edyta Zaborowska Says:

    Ein Kind bringt viel Arbeit und Verantwortung, aber auch viel Freude und Glück! Wie ich sehe, bist du gerade dabei, die Gratwanderung Mutter/Familie/Fetisch zu meistern. Es ist nicht immer unter einen Hut zu bringen, aber es geht.

    Das Thema “Making Latex Clothing” ist sehr interessant und es wird mir eine Freude sein, die weiteren Entwicklungen hier zu beobachten. Viel Erfolg wünsche ich schon jetzt!

  14. Jack Says:

    I’m with ecto-

    I would contribute to a kickstarter!

  15. eRubber Says:

    Hey LK,

    *Very* glad to hear you’re writing a book on making latex clothing. Ever since Sian-Kate Mooney’s book went out of print, people have been desperate for a how-to book on making latex clothing.

    LOL- maybe your book will even be able to sell for $70 used and $180 new, like Mooney’s does on Amazon.

    Can’t wait to see the results of your writing endeavours


  16. JeanBe Says:

    Congratulations to both of you! I am so happy to hear from you, I learned so much from your website, I have spent many hours reading all your techniques, I made many latex clothes and I am very proud of the results considering my so small experience. Now that you are back, I will have many questions and some suggestions for you later but for the moment enjoy your new life as parents!

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