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LatexKitty-ClassicDress2For the Torture Garden Valentines Ball in London and the FetishEvolution Party in Essen, Germany, I created a few new outfits for myself and my husband, here are my favourites.

Vintage Latex

I am a huge fan of Dita von Teese fan, I love the vintage look and style! So I decided to design a classic vintage style latex dress for myself.

The latex colour, I chosen for the dress, where Radical Rubber’s metallic black, it is gorgeous and classy. The cut for the dress is really tight and hugging, it gives me a nice figure. The sleeves are short and very cute with a great big puff and finished off with a white trim.

puffy sleeve vintage dressVintage dress collor

The collar has the typical round vintage cut and is complimented by two round pearls sitting right beneath it, which gives the dress the sweet classic look, that I love so much. The hemline of the dress is finished with nice latex pleats, which are trimmed with a white strip to match the overall look.

vintage dress backvintage dress pleatsIn the back there is a short zipper, which will make it easy to put it on and off. The zipper blends very nicely together with the colour of the dress and is almost invisible.

I am so happy how this design turned out and proud that I can realize my own ideas, since I have never seen this style of dress anywhere else.

Latex Queen of Spades
I am also a big fan of burlesque! So for the Torture Garden Valentines Ball, I made a burlesque outfit for me and matching t-shirt my husband.

LatexKitty-QueenOfSpades-3-lowThe Queen of Spades outfit consist of eight different items, all made from latex – Blouse, corset, bustle, garter belt, panties, stockings, gauntlets and a hairpiece.

The blouse has a great rounded cut out around the bust and gives me a very nice cleavage. The sleeves, which are really puffy with two small pearls on each side, compliment the feminine look.Quenn of Spades cleavage copy

To close the blouse, I decided to glue in a front zipper instead of buttons, since they would take too much attention away from the details.

The garter belt is trimmed with a black lining, and has a black queen of spades application on it, the same applies for the headpiece.

bustlegarter beltThe bustle is a very important part of the outfit, but is very simple in design. It has no applications or trimmings and is only made from four pieces of latex.

All in all, a very elegant and sexy burlesque latex outfit, that really stood out at the party!

My husband was wearing a t-shirt with the Ace of Spades on it.

The big Ace of Spades in the middle of the T-shirt had a edgy look with the cut out of a skull in it. Further applications on the shirt where the white trimmings around the arms, neck and the bottom of it.

3xL-Maxime-AvetTo accredit my husband and show you that everybody can do this, I have to tell you that he cut out the ace of spades applications by himself, he even glued them on! I have to say he did a good job there and did not need my help to often.

Please feel free to leave a comment if you like my Designs.

Thanks for reading!


Design, News April 15th 2010

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  1. phedre Says:

    I love the blouse for the burlesque outfit! Any chance of a small tutorial on this blouse style of top?


  2. rubberpixy Says:

    Ohh I must say a very lovely dress . . .

    It is possible you can post the pattern from this blouse and this skirt ???


  3. Tim Says:

    very nice dress

    I am very interested on the patterns or tips for the stockings

    I also create 2 dresses for Toxica for the Fetish Evolution Party but not so rich in detail (lack of time)

  4. Mateusz Says:

    that’s gorgeous 🙂 you’re a great latex designer!

  5. LatexM Says:

    I love the style of your creations. latex sexy and chic … You are an inspiration to show my wife what I held in latex. ( i’m french, sorry for my english)

  6. MissNadia Says:

    Wow, I have to say I am impressed with your 7pc “Queen of Spades” outfit. How long did that take?

  7. Rubberboy Says:

    I totally, totally luurve your designs! 😀 You are really gifted, and I think that we readers can’t thank you enough for sharing! 🙂

  8. Luca Says:

    I would be interested in a tutorial for the puffy sleeves.

  9. Rubberstiltskin Says:

    Simply gorgeous outfit. You look stunning, look forward to the next design.

  10. Rubber doll 666 Says:

    Wonderful creations , really… Just one question… You make your stockings yourself or you personnalize stockings you buy ?? Normally stockings are mold , so I don’t understand how you do !!!

  11. chelsea belflower Says:

    I love these designs your the only website ive been able to find on how to make latex clothing I would LOVE to see how to make a latex dress how to glue a whole pattern together PLEASE MORE LATEX CLOTHING TUTORIALS like your shirt one how do we make dresses skirts stockings ect you are amazing and im glad you have this page

  12. chelsea b Says:

    your designs are beautiful I was wondering if I could ask you a question,

    when your making a latex dress do you cutt the latex in pannles? Because I bought a pattern and tried to make a dress but it fit all wrong. Your pictures look like its pannles of latex placed together?

    Can you help guide me a little?

    Thank you so much

  13. Silverclaw Says:

    I take a bow for the superb craftmanship. Really nice work “I wish I had that talent – but sadly no… 🙁 ”
    I am proud to see gifted people who learn other folks their trade and craftsmanship! KEEP UP THE GOOD JOB!

    Yours truly Silverclaw.

  14. Ms.Commander Says:

    fabulous! absolutely stunning!
    just a similar question to rubber doll 666:
    i wondered whether you made the stockings just like your leggings or is there another pattern for it? i mean, the leggings-seam isn’t in the back but the stocking-seam is… i know how to draw a pattern for leggings, but not for stockings


  15. DarkAngel Says:

    I have to say, i am very impressed by your work, and creativity.
    I am someone that have a fetish for latex, even if i am not developping it, and observing the work of peoples like you is just keeping me mute of admiration.
    You do really awesome designs and work, “Bravo”.

  16. Sebastien Says:

    Gorgeous pieces! Do you ever do commissions,etc ?

  17. Trixie Says:

    I just found your site, it’s fantastic! Did you make all of the queen of spades outfit yourself? If so, how, because I have always dreamed of an outfit just like it, it’s beautiful!

  18. Goddess Nirvana Says:

    How do you make corsets with BONING?

  19. Latex Kitty Says:

    you cover the boning in cotton and then glue it in.

  20. Hanna Says:

    First of all, many thanks for taking the time to create this website. It’s proving to be a treasure trove and I’m now enrolled on a latex workshop with Club Rub in London for two weeks time – thanks to you!

    I noticed that in both these outfits you have managed to maintain the fullness and shape of your bust and was wondering how you did this? The first dress does not look cut to have built in support and I’m not sure if you’re wearing something underneath it? The second outfit blouse/corset looks like it’s cut to provide shape and the corset will provide support, but even so, it still looks very shapely which I’ve only seen in shaped garments with latex.

    Sorry if I’m not explaining myself too well – I’m just trying to figure out how to keep the fullness and shape of the bust when making tight latex garments!


  21. Latex Kitty Says:

    he he he thats a good question. You should maybe try to give your garments a few extra cm around your chest and dont make it to tight there.
    But in my case…they are enhanced 😉

  22. alison Says:

    beautiful designs, you got great talent for latex : )

  23. Latex Kitty Says:

    Thank you 😀

  24. Tomi Says:

    Dear Kitty,

    First of all thank you for this webpage. Secondly I would like to make a dress to my wife, and I love the sleeves of your metallic blaxk vintage dress so I hope this is not too big request to send me the pattern of the sleeves. Thank you!

  25. Marissa Says:

    Do you take commissions? :O

  26. Marco Freire Says:

    Beautiful designs.

  27. stuck in Ohio Says:

    The two of you continue to be a great inspiration years after this blog. Thank you for posting I found this very informative and leaves me full ideas and designs. Never stop

  28. Philippakristiana Grimsley Says:

    I have always wanted to make my own rubber/latex clothing, I already make clothes/costumes in every day materials but have wanted to break into the fetish kinky side, I am glad I came across your website, it is very informative and you show how to do things very well, I love all of your designs and I have ideas of turning certain patterns into rubber/latex clothing, now where did I put my 1950s rock and roll patterns ………..
    Philippakristiana 🙂

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