Latex flowers with a difference!

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Surprising gifts from one latex crafter to another.

As a hostess of a dinner party I received a few sweet gifts, but the greatest one was a pot with flowers, latex flowers.

Usually if you think about latex flowers it’s roses, rolled up and attached to a hat, but not this time. Another dedicated latex crafter named Niels, has been very creative and created my favourite flowers out of black and pink latex, the perfect flower gift. They only require a weekly treatment with some silicone oil. I guess people already knew that I do not have green thumbs.

Latex flower gift copy

Everything is patiently cut by hand. A few metal pins, left over latex, some glue, flower foam, some brown paint for the soil look and a lot of patience.

There is no limit to creativity!
Thank you Nils for reminding me on that.

Cheers Kitty

Uncategorized April 10th 2010

2 Responses to “ Latex flowers with a difference! ”

  1. Rubberboy Says:

    A really nice (and sweet) touch – but I can’t help but wonder what kind of alloys those metal sticks contain, hm.

  2. Janina Says:

    That is lovely. And they look very beautiful. A very nice present.

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