How to make your own latex gauntlets

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To finish a good look and give your outfit a little extra, you need accessories!
The one accessory I cant live without are gauntlets in different colours and styles.

gauntlets done

Here is the “How to” on making your own latex gauntlets.

What you need:

  • Pattern (Download PDF)
  • Rubber cement, cleaner and piece of cloth
  • Two small pieces latex (each about 15cm x 25cm), gauge 0.30mm – 0.40mm
  • Two latex strips to reinforce the application
  • Two long strips latex in a different colour

How to do it:

1. Prepare the latex

Print the pattern and adjust it to your size if needed. Then draw it up on the latex with a pen and cut it out with your rotary cutter. Afterwards clean off the pen marks on the latex, you can use your cleaner for that.

draw up latex gauntlet patterncut out latex gauntlet pattern

2.Prepare your gauntlet applications

latex gauntlet applications, simple pleatsThe easiest way to glue in your applications is of course before you close the seams, so you will have to do those as one of the first steps. I have chosen to make some gauntlets which will compliment my new dress, therefore they will be in metallic black with a white trim on the hem lining pleats. You can of course chose any application you like, different colours, different pleats, small cut outs, bows and so on. Anything you like goes!
gauntlet pleats, two different directions
But watch it! If you make pleats, then make sure that the folding of the pleats goes in the right direction. What I want to say with that is, that the two pleated trims you make should be folded in the opposite way of the other one, so that they later on will show in the same direction when they are glued in. Either they both show towards the body or they both show away.

3. Glue your latex applications to the gauntlets

Glue applications on to latex gauntletClean the surface of the gauntlet hemline and apply the rubber cement. Do the same with your pleated strip.

After the glue is ready, attach the pleated trim to your gauntlet. Cut of all excess material.

4. Reinforce your application on the backside

Clean the extra latex strip apply rubber cement to it and make sure that the hemline of the gauntlet is cleaned and has a layer of glue to it as well. After the solvents of the glue had time to evaporate, glue the reinforcement strip to it. Cut of all excess latex.

reinforce your applicationreinforcement done

latex gauntlets almost done

5. Almost done!

Now you are almost done. There are only two seams to close left and your gauntlet should look like that now.

6. Close the two seams of your latex gauntlet!

Start out with the long straight seam, which is going towards your wrist.glueing lower seam first copy

Then take the smaller upper one. The hole in the middle stays of course free, its for your thumb.

glue second seam copy

And that’s about it, you are done!


Wash your gauntlets, shine them, be proud and wear them with style. 🙂

I would love to see your gauntlets, so feel free to send me some pictures of them.



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12 Responses to “ How to make your own latex gauntlets ”

  1. Susann & Marcus Says:

    Great look and rather socially accepted at ‘nilla times.

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Latex Kitty Says:

    Thank you two. Yes, I love them..You can wear them to any occasion! And since they have been in the “Vogue”..they are also here 😉

  3. Miss Jade Jones Says:

    Kitty you are a STAR! ive been wanting to make some for ages but just couldnt find enough info how too 🙂 thank you for such a great tutorial and a great site and sharing all your knowledge 🙂


  4. Stuart Says:

    Hi Kitty great tutorial, one question did you put the trim on after you pleated or can u lay the different colour down before you pleat the latex? thanks for sharing

  5. Latex Kitty Says:

    @Stuart I trimmed the latex strip before I pleaded it.

  6. The Paradigm Says:

    Excellent work Kitty! You’re a true inspiration to us all! Just started making our own gauntlets on this end. Have the pickiest wife in the world hehe and the first prototype was disapproved for being too tight. Second prototype was ok’ed granted some minor adjustments in the production model. Currently making gauntlets in baby pink 0.40mm RR to match dress and necklace in same colour. All used on top of a black catsuit, gloves and socks of course.

  7. Devin Marie Says:

    Thank you for this tutorial! I just made my first pair!

  8. Elis Says:

    My first 🙂

  9. Capsule Couture Says:

    Just finished my G-loves! Thank you Kitty, this was a fun and simple first project.

  10. Bryde Says:

    Hi there! Just discovering your blog today and I really like it. 🙂 I was wondering if your gauntlet pattern could be modified to make longer, say opera length gauntlets? I really like the style and I’d like them to be longer.

  11. Emily Says:

    Hello, thanks for your tutorials and tips! I used this to make my first foray into latex clothing. Here they are!

  12. Latex Kitty Says:

    Nicely done! 🙂 I am glad my tutorials could help you get started.

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