TopShop selling latex clothing

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TopShopSS2010LFW Latex is conquering the fashion world more than ever before!

If its Lady Gaga, Madonna, Victoria Beckam or a bunch of fashion designers, they all have been using Latex as a attention and sale boost in their carrier. Which brought the shiny piece of course closer to the catwalk and the mainstream fashion, e.g. in form of latex leggings or mainly lycra leggings.

But believe it or not the British fashion store TopShop started selling glued latex clothing in their stores!

At the London Fashion Week 2010 they presented their new collection for this season, a rough Denim look with a shiny twist, LATEX.

The wide range of latex clothing introduced to the mainstream consumers included pencil skirts, jackets, very tight and loose tops, leggings and rubber cycling shorts.

Top-Shop-rubber-latex-clothing-rangeSo if you always have been wondering how it would be and what it would look like if latex hits the mainstream take a look at the new TopShop collection here or check out the short video.
Unfortunately,  most of the items have already been taken down from the online store, so we cant take a closer look at it, but honestly its also not its money worth!

TopShop claims to be a outrageous high fashion store with “purse-friendly prices” , but if I take a look at their shiny rubber items, it makes me wonder if they had a moment of amnesia, since they forgot all about fashion, the good look and of course the affordable prices!

Seriously, who would give £ 80 for a simple top like that or worse £ 110 for those cycling shorts? To give you a better alternative take a look at Libidex or House of Harlot. They offer a good fitting fashionable range of latex clothing to a fair price. And if you hurry you will get the Valentines deal at Libidex with 25% off!

Or DIY! You can start with my latex leggings tutorial.
I think one of my next projects will be a tutorial on how to make the TopShop Latex Clothing yourself.

News January 23rd 2010

6 Responses to “ TopShop selling latex clothing ”

  1. Miss Fuzzy Bunny Says:

    What I am dying to know is, who actually produced the items. Any mention? The leggings looked quite cool with the center back seams, but that nice detail seems really pointless when they say they’re one size fits all, doesn’t it?

    Wired from the IAR boards also brought up a good point: what on earth are these fashionistas going to think when they wear their latex leggings out in the cold winter, not knowing how latex picks up the ambient temperature. Fun and games!

    And yeah, the prices, oy!

    It will be very neat if you do a Top Shop tutorial.

  2. YelloBird Says:

    The idea is what counts (admittedly expensive and only mildly fashionable), and I hope that other mainstream labels don’t take the TopShop experiment as the last word in that chapter.

    … the hoodie was the best of the whole collection 🙂


    P.S.: Breathless also has a 20% discount until end of January 😉

  3. Latex Kitty Says:

    I dont think its the end of it. At some point everything repeats itself in the fashion world…no matter what it is, but why dont they do it with style???
    Whats wrong with looking good or having some sexapeal?
    Anyway, somebody doing it with style is Susanne Wiebe!

  4. sexy lexy Says:

    ha-ha that would be awesome

  5. Latex and the Fat Girl | Fat, Femme and Fabulous Says:

    […] a red carpet event wearing an outfit that is less stage costume and more tailored couture. Even Topshop got in on the act in 2010 making it officially High Street […]

  6. eRubber Says:

    Hey, this is now a 5-year-old thread, but for completeness I thought I would point out that House of Harlot manufactured the lot of latex items sold by TopShop.

    Also, they sold out in less than a month. They were selling so fast online you pretty much had to take an item if you saw it in the store because it was unlikely they’d be able to restock.

    What does this mean for latex clothing designers and manufacturers? How does TopShop get to move items absurdly fast at higher prices than respected latex houses? It does show people will pay more for convenience and branding they trust. There has to be a way for latex producers to better in the area of marketing & sales.

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