Transparent latex shower curtain

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transparent-latex-shower-curtainI made a new beautiful latex shower curtain for our green tiled bathroom. The old one, made from black latex, lasted a little more than two years before it started to rip’n’rot.

The shower curtain made from 4 meters of Radical Rubber‘s Translucent Olive (0.4 mm) latex sheeting, 2 meters of cotton strip, 14 eyelets, latex milk and rubber cement.

I started out by gluing together 2 x 2 meter latex sheets together.

Then I coated the cotton strip with latex milk on both sides and let it dry completely.

Then I glued the latex cotton strip along the top of the latex sheets.

Afterwards I covered the bare side of the cotton strip with a slightly wider latex strip and cut off the excess fabrics.

Finally I marked and cut the holes for the eyelets that was incerted with the special tool they came with and a hammer.

I hope you like it!

Latex Furniture July 20th 2009

8 Responses to “ Transparent latex shower curtain ”

  1. QM Says:


    great idea but you should really consider to chlorinate the sheet for this application. It will help a lot as the latex does not need any silicone or special care after once been chlorinated and it will never ever stick together again!


  2. Raiffe Says:

    how can you use latex for a shower curtain if you have to wash it and dry it every time it gets wet? I’m very new to latex so I don’t really know how durable it is. I have read the care guide, and it seems its rather difficult to take care of latex. As for the shower curtain, what happens if you get your shower products on it such as body wash, shampoo and conditioners?

  3. Russell Says:

    The shower curtain looks very much at home in your bathroom

  4. Latex Kitty Says:

    Hi QM,

    yes I know, thats why we didnt shined it yet. We want to get it clorinated as soon as possible to avoid those problems.
    I have a friend who will do that for us and show me how it works. 🙂

  5. Latex Kitty Says:

    It is the second shower curtain we made. The first one lasted for two years until it got really brittle and had to be exchanged. Well there is no problem with latex getting wet as long as it hangs to dry afterward. And as long as you pull the curtain apart and give it some air to dry (just open the window) it will be fine. Then just shine it from time to time and that’s about it.
    You don’t have to wash a curtain every time…its a shower curtain! And you don’t lay in it and sweat so that you have to wash it. 🙂
    Body wash, shampoo etc. can be rinsed off with clean water while you are still in the shower! So no problem there either.
    We want to get our curtain chlorinated, to avoid it sticking together and to “seal” the surface with it. Chlorinated latex is more resistant against “free radicals”.

  6. Andrew Smith Says:

    Hi Kitty,

    I’m wondering if there is a tool in existence that will cut or stamp out a round hole for the eyelets. I have been to art stores and home repair places but no one can recommend anything that will cut perfectly round holes. We have one latex clothing maker here in Pittsburgh who is quite careful with his secrets, but once he showed me such a tool. did he make it himself or can they be purchased somewhere? Thank you so much.


  7. Latex Kitty Says:

    There are some tools for that of course. You can buy some of those stancers/punchers in leather making stores, they use them too. Anyway, if you need it for big eyelets then you might not need that tool at all, just cut out a hole which is a little smaller than the eyelet itself, that should do it. (Thats what I did with the holes for my shower curtain. You wont see it afterwards.) The hole needs to be smaller than the eyelet itself, so that the metall got something to grip on when you press it in.
    If you are talking about small eyelets, like for corsets etc. then a regular holepuncher should do it.

  8. scott Says:

    I can clorinate. If your not able to,

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