How to make a double latex bow hairband

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Pretty cute and a nice accessory if you are going to a party. Best of all it is so easy to make! Check it out.

What you need is a hairband, six latex strips in two colors and one smaller strip to glue later around the bow.


1. Cut the strips

Cut the strips into the right length. The first strip for the latex bow should be 14 cm (5.5″) long (here its the Lilac strip) and the second one should be 12 cm (4.7″). They have both the same width of 1,5 cm (0.6″).

Now you need four strips for the bow tails, two of each color. Decide yourself how long they should be, you can always shorten them after you are done with your double latex bow.


2. Apply the glue

Take the two longer strips for the bow, clean them and mark the middle of them. Apply the glue on the outer sides and the middle of the strip. Wait until the latex straighten itself out again.


3. Make the bows

Now glue the outer sides towards the middle of your strip.

glue-bows-together24. Now glue both bows together

Apply the glue on the middle of both bows. The smaller bow will be glued up on top of the larger one. Use the seam roller and apply pressure to your glued seam.

5. Glue strip around the bow

stripe-around-bow5Start in the middle of the back and end there as well. The strip has the same width like the bow itself, 1,5 cm (0.6″). It should be at least 3 cm (1.2″) long if your bow measures a width of 1.5 cm.

6. The bow tail


Now you need the four strips which you have left. Cut them in the end in a ankle you like, I have chosen a 45° angle.

Apply the glue on the top of the strips and glue the bow tails together, so that they slightly spread apart in the end. Now you can glue both bow tails together. Then they are ready for the bow.


7. Glue the bow tail on the bow

Just take your prepared bow tail and glue it on the back of the bow. Done!

8. Get the bow on the hairband


Now you can glue a little loop in the back of the bow, so that you can stick your bow on a hairband. The advantage of gluing a loop in the back is that you can always exchange the bow to another one in a different color etc. so that it matches your dress, instead of attaching it permanently.

I hope you got inspired and have fun with this little tutorial.
Let me know how it went or send me some pictures of your hairband.

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2 Responses to “ How to make a double latex bow hairband ”

  1. StretchyWench Says:

    This is cute !

    I could see a larger one on the back of a dress for a rubber ball !!!

  2. Lola Babalon Says:

    I recently began working with latex (thanks mostly to the instructions on this site – thank you all so much for sharing this information!) and to practice, I made some of these bows. I have a question, however.

    For one of my bows, I would like to embellish it with a few flat-back Swarovski crystals I have laying around. Does anyone have any advice or tips for this? Has anyone done it themselves? I think it would be best to put a tiny amount of a regular crafting glue on the back, let that dry, and then do a dab of latex glue on the bow itself and on the back of the crystal. I would think that if I just use latex glue on the bow, it wouldn’t hold as well.

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